HSV Grants Committee announces Spring 2020 Recipients….

HSV Rotary capped off a generous 2019/20 by awarding a total of $15,000 in grants.   $5,140 of those grants were distributed in the Fall of 2019, to 8 applicants.   The remaining $9,860 is currently being dispersed to an additional 10 recipients, under the Club’s Spring 2020 grants cycle. 

 The Covid-19 situation dramatically altered the Spring 2020 Grant criteria.   Recognizing the critical food and medical supply shortages prompted by the pandemic, the Grant’s Committee focused heavily on those needs.   Also waived was the tradition of recipients joining the club at a breakfast meeting, to personally receive their checks.    Instead, the dollars are being distributed immediately – in order to get them into the hands of those in need.  

 To the credit of all Club Members who work tirelessly on HSV Rotary’s fund raisers, there will be additional HSV Rotary grants to be had in 2020/21.    Look for detail on when those grant competitions will begin, and how much money HSV Rotary will have to distribute.  

 HSV Rotary Grants Co-Chairs:  Paul Bridges and Corinne White

Following is the list of Spring 2020 Grant Recipients – with a snapshot of how those dollars will be used.

 HSV Rotary – Spring 2020 Grant Awards

Faith Fellowship Food Pantry:   Freezer to store Food Inventory - $1800                                                                                     

Project HOPE: Computer for tracking food inventories- $650

 Cedar Mtn. Boys & Girls Club:  Covid-19 food & Thermometers  - $875                                  

Project HOPE: Covid-19 Relief Food Supplies - $2,260

Great Futures (Cedar Mtn B&GC) : Thermometers & Covid Relief Supplies - $640

Mt Pine School District Community Fund: Food financing & local resident support-$785

Faith Fellowship Food Pantry : Covid-19 Relief Food Supplies - $1,215

HSV Police Academy : Light Sticks, tourniquets, medical supplies - $470

Garland Co. Search & Rescue: Two way Radios -$ 510

#SupportSpaCity: Gift Cards to generate Matched Food Vouchers - $655

Spring 2020 Grant Total:  $9,860






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